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A fun, quick check-in to receive refreshment, guidance, and maybe homework? The good kind.Ask a question, talk over anything that needs clarity, get some Human Design wisdom, etc.£30

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A longer session to chat about Human Design, lifestyle tools to improve your wellbeing, and just whatever wants to surface in the moment.£100


After booking your session via the link, look out for an email from me within 24 business hours to confirm your appointment and find a date and time that works. Please note that I live in Wales and my time zone is GMT/BST.Currently booking 1-2 weeks ahead.Questions? Get in touch at hi@laurelhill.worldTalk soon :)

"Out of all the amazing things I got from my reading with Laurel, what has stuck with me most is the immense new depth of self-compassion and acceptance I’ve found within myself. Her highly detailed reading validated what seemed to be a secret only I knew. It helped me unlock and accept my deepest, often hidden, most authentic self— and made me so excited to honour it by being exactly who I came here to be instead of looking at the world through a veil of comparison and conditioning. Her knowledge and guidance brought me great ease, comfort, and sheer joy, I feel like I’ve been floating since." —Rachel S.